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S1 Lifer Hjelm Lagoon Gloss

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Kubars V3 Type SCS Hollow Black
S1 Lifer Hjelm Lagoon Gloss

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56,80 €

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    Brand S1
    Størrelse L
    S1 Helmet Co are an independently owned and operated brand that is deeply rooted in the Californian skateboarding, longboarding, BMX and roller derby scenes.

    Today S1 Helmet Co has an extensive line of protective helmets that are rapidly becoming known throughout the industry, thanks to their unrelenting approach to style and safety.

    The S1 Lifer helmets offer up to 5 times more protection than regular soft foam skate helmets and offers a superior fit.

    Certified multi impact helmet (ATSM)

    Certified high impact helmet (CPSC)

    Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam to protect against multiple impacts

    5 times more protective than soft foam helmets

    Additional padding supplied for a comfortable and secure fit

    High impact ABS outer shell

    Lightweight construction

    L - 58 cm
    M - 55 cm
    S - 53cm
    XS - 51cm